Show Notes

Today’s episode, at least in my opinion, is freaking awesome. Today’s guest is Bill Komlos, Bill is an English major, turned welder, turned welding engineer and now develops some of the crazies welding procedures, for some of the coolest projects out there. Bill has an amazing story, he’s worked on all kinds of military projects, C B and I, Aerospace and most recently created a welding procedure to weld a man-made metal that had been installed on the Mars rover Perseverance that will be landing on Mars, this Thursday to collect all kinds of data about the planet. It’s been traveling to mars for the past 6 months and a half months and has traveled over 300 million miles along its journey. Bill is just a fountain of knowledge and I am sure you are going to enjoy his story.

Link to Mars Rover Weld: https://insights.globalspec.com/article/14995/aws-member-shares-out-of-this-world-weld


Link to Bills work and Photo Graphs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x9SlmwBRHtAYFEf9j2utXHObfvn9F_Du?usp=sharing


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