Show Notes

In this episode I'm talking  Financial Management, as welders we have the potential to make some serious money, but we really don’t get taught how to manage that money. I’ve seen on several occasions, a welder gets done with school, gets a high paying job and then starts pissing all that  money away. Don’t get me wrong, it’s you’re money do what you want with it. But I know that I’d like to live debt free and have a nice nest egg once I retire and also take care of my family in the instance that god forbid something happens to me on the job or before retirement. That’s why I asked Richard Roybal to come on the show and give us some guidance on how to become financially independent . I know it’s not the typical welding topic you all are accustomed to but it’s still relevant to this career so I figured it would make for a good topic for the audience. There’s even some great info for those of you that have already started your own business, or are thinking about going into business for yourself.

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