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Mark Winchester is a highly experienced welder who shares his techniques and tips for welding aluminum. He discusses the importance of heat management, filler metal introduction, and moisture control in achieving high-quality aluminum welds. By ramping up the heat when introducing the filler metal, Mark is able to push the weld forward and increase travel speed, allowing for welding thinner sheet metal without distortion. He also emphasizes the need for preheating aluminum plates to bake out moisture and using a flow meter for accurate gas flow. Mark dispels misconceptions about cup size and CFH in aluminum welding, preferring to focus on controlling heat and temperature through traditional techniques. He warns against using gas lenses with aluminum welding, as they can interfere with the arc. Mark also discusses the advantages of a lower frequency for thicker materials and his preference for a conical-shaped tungsten tip. Whether you're an experienced welder or looking to improve your aluminum welding skills, Mark's insights offer valuable techniques and considerations for achieving better results in your projects.,Join host Jason Becker as he interviews Mark Winchester, a seasoned welder, about his expertise in welding aluminum. Mark dives deep into the nuances of aluminum welding, sharing his techniques and tips to help you improve your skills. He emphasizes the importance of heat management, torch angle, and consistent filler feeding for achieving proficient aluminum TIG welding. Mark's technique of ramping up the heat when introducing the filler metal allows for increased travel speed and welds thinner sheet metal without distortion. He also discusses the challenges of aluminum welding, especially in humid environments, and recommends preheating the aluminum plates to prevent porosity issues. Mark dispels misconceptions about cup size and CFH, highlighting the need for proper technique and control of heat. He shares his preference for a quiet and stable arc using a perfectly tuned standard collet body and explains the benefits of a lower frequency for thicker materials. Whether you're a seasoned welder or just starting out, Mark's insights and practical tips will help you get dialed in. 


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