262. Cover your A$$ets w/ Richard Roybal

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome back financial expert, Richard Roybal, who previously joined us in episode 244 to discuss building a Solid Financial Foundation. This time, we delve into the crucial topic of protecting those assets. Welders often lack access to information about finances, and that's why we brought Richard back on the show. He'll be sharing some simple ways to secure your financial future and make sure your family is taken care of even when you're no longer here. We'll be discussing how creating a will or trust, setting up life insurance, creating and creating an emergency fund, can help you protect your assets and ensure your family's well-being. Don't miss this valuable and informative episode as we tackle a topic that everyone wants to put off but is essential to secure your financial future. Follow Richard on Instagram @mr_roybal Call or text him directly at 909-434-4567 Arc Junkies Podcast: Instagram: @Arcjunkiespodcast TIKTOK: @Arcjunkiespod Email: Show@arcjunkies.com Arc Junkies Website: https://arcjunkies.com Arc junkies Merch: https://shop.threadmob.com/arcjunkie/shop/home Arc Junkies Stickers and more click Here Friends of the Show: Rockmount Research and Alloys, Inc. Rockmountwelding.com Instagram: @Rockmountwelding Use ARCJUNKIES10 for 10% off all Abrasives and Consumables Outlaw Leather LLC Outlawleather.com Instagram: @outlawleatherusa Use ARCJUNKIES for 15% off all in-stock leather goods Everlast Welders Instagram: @everlastwelders YouTube: Everlast Welders Online: https://bit.ly/37xJstI Use Codeword ARCJUNKIES at checkout to get upgraded to a free Nova Foot Pedal and TIG Torch with the purchase of any machine that comes with a stock foot pedal and TIG Torch. O2 Armor https://www.o2armor.com Use ARCJUNKIES10 at checkout and save 10% on your purchase Strong Hand Tools Stronghandtool.com/arcjunkies Instagram @Strong_hand_tools ISOTUNES: Instagram: @isotunesaudio Online: https://bit.ly/36s7aFj Use ARCJUNKIES10 at checkout and save $10 on your purchase