Weld Wednesdays Do Something with the Fire w/ Gerald Austin

In this conversation, Jason and Gerald discuss their introduction to welding and their experiences in the industry. They talk about the importance of sharing knowledge and nurturing the interest of young welders. They also touch on the challenges and rewards of teaching welding and the constant learning and progression in the field. Overall, the conversation highlights the passion and dedication required to succeed in welding. In this conversation, Gerald Austin and Jason discuss the importance of networking and sharing knowledge among welding instructors. They emphasize the value of learning from each other's experiences and finding new ways to teach welding skills. They also talk about the challenges of teaching welding, such as addressing different learning styles and focusing on practical skills versus fabrication. Gerald shares his passion for teaching and his desire to continue sharing his knowledge even after retiring as an instructor. They also discuss the importance of practical skills in welding and the unique challenges and rewards of the trade. Foe more information on how to become a member or get involved with AWS Click Here